NEW NEW NEW NEW Amazing camping place at the beach….

Welcome to a new experience! Now we also offer you after 4 years in the Caribbean renting kombis vw westfalia, the opportunity to park with your rental car (or by taxi or public transport) next to our Van and our Tent!

There you can enjoy the best quiet beach, located 13km from Tulum and 45 km from Playa del carmen, at Soliman bay…

This beach is perfect to do snorkel, kayak, windsurf, etc…Also is perfect to relax, to bring your book, enjoy the hammock, take a long walk from the sea, visit walking the cenotes around, watch the turtles at night , from may to October come to put the eggs, amazing sky at night with moon and start as the protagonist, and also the perfect sunrise everyday from the sea! Better impossible!!! Hope that you can enjoy the many animals that are in the big camping, birds, and many others that you will be surprise! So, be quiet and take your camera!

The camping has bathroom and also shower , all is very natural…. Thats why we also will provide you a private little shower, so if you want at your place you can do it quick after the sea… Also you will have stove for cook and a little fridge that you can use to put food… Also the camping has a little shop to buy some supplies, ice, beers cold, restaurant, kayak and sports things to do in the water, a big place if you like to run…and a lot of nature!!!! For sure that the place is bigger that you think. All our travelers in the past years for sure slept here and everyone LOVE IT, that why we  offer you this!

You will have the tent (will be ready , you dont have to make it!) , is really big , for 16 persons to sleep, so imagine! you can divide in 3 rooms, and has 3 door, and many windows….perfect to see the sunrise from your bed…You will have a matters and many pillows , table, chairs, hammock, all for cook, sheets , and many many others things that you will have that we know that is good to have…

Also next to the tent, is the Combi vw , that there is 2 beds, and in case that you feel better sleeping there, or use to put your luggage safe and close it…the place is there for you!!

We hope that you can enjoy it and be part of this experience!

About the new Covid, we will try to be very careful with the cleaning and try to make it perfect for you fell good.

Wait for you, reserve now!

This paradise is for share and we are sure that you will enjoy a lot this!!!!!

Let’s go!


  • Pop up roof

  • Many storage space

  • 1 set of sheets (possible to ask 2 sets)

  • 2 pillows

  • 2 blankets

  • Portable gas burner (camping gaz)

  • Covered, dishes for 4

  • Glasses and tassas for 4

  • Bowls, pan, saucepan , cutting board, teapot

  • Dish cloth & cleaning equipement

  • Cooler

  • solar shower

  • salt, sugar, coffe and tea

  • USB charging points

  • LED interior lighting

  • The kombi experience‘s book

  • 2 folding chairs * (option with extra charge 15 €)

  • 1 set of sheets (possible to ask 2 sets)