My name is Kiwi I’m the younger volkwagen combi (VW Bus) of The Kombi Experience, I was born in 1983.
My design Westfalia is original and very comfortable. I have few storage space to make you feel at home.
My pop up roof is easy to raise to win more space and enjoy an other bed closer to starry nights
I can take 2 adults and two children to the adventure (but please contact us to ensure that this possible before booking).
I’m equipped with all you need to spend a beautiful and confortable night .
If you want to cook at the beach, into the wild or close to a lake, you can because I have all the necessary . My portable kitchen gas is very convenient for it .
A useful and simple solar shower is also part of our equipment included.
Before taking the route with the Kombi, we will explain everything, how I work, the tricks because each of us has its own personality.
Kiwi is ready to travel confortably but the ideal is try to bring the minimum luggage.
For my safety and yours I will only drive at 75 km/h, you will have more time to enjoy the landscape and take pictures.
Feel free to contact us if you have questions before , while or after your trip , online or by phone.
Let’s go!


  • Pop up roof

  • Many storage space

  • 1 set of sheets (possible to ask 2 sets)

  • 2 pillows

  • 2 blankets

  • Portable gas burner (camping gaz)

  • Covered, dishes for 4

  • Glasses and tassas for 4

  • Bowls, pan, saucepan , cutting board, teapot

  • Dish cloth & cleaning equipement

  • Cooler

  • solar shower

  • salt, sugar, coffe and tea

  • USB charging points

  • LED interior lighting

  • The kombi experience‘s book

  • 2 folding chairs * (option with extra charge 15 €)

  • 1 set of sheets (possible to ask 2 sets)



The Kombi Experience Tulum, Mexico