DRIVING THE VINTAGE VW We prefer you have some familiarity of the VW Bus’s unique driving characteristics. Remember, you will be driving a vehicle developed in the 1930’s, and built with all the technical sophistication of the 1970’s. Plus… no air conditioning, no driving upon unpaved surfaces, except at licensed public campgrounds, no automatic shift, no power anything! (12 v to charge phone yes!)
Bearing this in mind, please do not exceed 70 kph in your VW. These engines are not water cooled, so the only important for you is the oil level . After one or two days We recommend to check the leves of oil, at morning when you wake up Next to the sea or a lake (and the combi is Not working for a while).
Be aware that cross winds effect the VW bus more than they do a conventional vehicle, so drive accordingly if it’s windy.
Remember, due to the extreme cab-forward design of the bus, almost the entire vehicle is trailing along behind you. When making tight turns, pull out just a little further ahead than you might think so as to clear the back wheels (and bodywork) from other cars and curbs. Notice how a city bus seems to pull too far out in an intersection before turning the corner. It’s like that.
Always purchase “Magna” grade fuel (gasoline, the Green one!).
Make sure to change the gear nicely. Make sure that you start the kombi pressing a litle the gas, and 1 or 2 seconds with the ley, no more. (Easy!) We will teach you

How to do it.

So, take a seat, put your seatbelt ,relax and enjoy the adventure. Make sure to turn on the kombi as we explained.
For sure that you will never forget those days traveling in the Combi VW around Tulum.
The adventure is about to begin!

Pickup and Parking
Pick up usually is at 14 hs, you can choose early pick up at 9 am, and drop off the van at 12 hs or late drop off before 20 hs.
Always in our place , Mercurio st and Kukulkan, 5 blocks from the bus station in Tulum center.

All drivers must possess a drivers license valid for the entire rental period and a major credit card. Minimum driving age is 23.

You can drive the kombi in Quintana Roo state. But We know that maybe you want to go to a few more places, like Chichén Itza ruins, Holbox, or Mahahual, etc (that are outside of th state). Please, Let us know so We can warn about driving so many km with a vw , becouse is more dificult when you are too far!
You have many places to go not too far from Tulum, as you can see in the kombi Experience book.
Security Deposit

A 200 € security deposit is required by your credit card, before your camper hire and will be hold over the duration of the hire period. This deposit will be refunded in full within 5 working days of the vehicle being returned on time, undamaged, with a clean interior, a full tank of fuel and with all equipment in place and intact. If there is any damage to the van including loss of any equipment, tyre damage, low fuel etc. we reserve the right to use the security deposit as funding towards amending this. The remainder of this security deposit will be returned to the hirer once the damage/loss has been paid for.

Fuel Policy
All vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel at the start of the hire. Customers must return the vehicle full at the end of the rental. If you return the vehicle part full you will be charged for missing fuel at the end of the rental at the locally determined price along with a collection of fuel fee of 10 €.

Kombi vw, becouse the age(collection car), only can have insurance against third parties.
You have service of crew in case that you need, you will have the Number of the company to call in english inside the van.
Usually Insurance provided by credit card companies is not valid as they do not cover vintage camper van rentals.

Our vehicles are fully serviced and cared for. Mechanicals are continually checked, renewed, and maintained by reputable VW technicians, so problems are not common. However, they do sometimes occur and we want to be clear about our policies prior to booking.
Should you have a problem en-route, we are the first call you should make after making sure you are in a safe place. Hopefully the problem can be sorted and you will be on your way without too much inconvenience. Many times a simple fix is all that is required and you are back on your way.
We will cover any towing, parts, or labor needed to get you back on the road. We will not cover any time lost, though we may refund a day’s rental fee if the fix takes more than 12 hours.
If the problem is more serious, we have two choices:
1. We will get you to the nearest safe location where you can relax, and if another of our vehicles is available we will deliver the van and swap vehicles for you in the shortest possible time. The replacement vehicle may or may not be exactly the same as the one you started with. If you prefer to rent another vehicle locally, we will refund the balance of the rental period. We are not responsible for any accommodation expenses.
2. If you do not want to swap vehicles, a replacement is not available, or it would require an excessive amount of time, we will assist you in getting to where you may arrange alternate transport, and wish you a safe onward journey. We will either refund any money we’ve collected for the outstanding rental period, or offer a credit for an equivalent rental period at a future date of your choosing.
We want our policy to be fair and we ask you to consider before you book that this is a possibility. But if it happens, kick back and chill out. We have every confidence we can sort things out.
If you experience a breakdown due to lack of exercising ordinary care while in possession of the vehicle then your trip will end without reimbursement for rental days lost and the primary driver will be responsible for towing, repair of damages incurred, and in addition, their security deposit will be forfeited. (Ordinary care includes maintaining all fluid levels, i.e., fuel and oil; proper gear selection; not overheating the engine; not driving more than the recommended 200 km per day; not coasting in neutral; and the like – PLEASE INQUIRE IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND.)

Collision Damage
if you crash and is your fault you will be responsable. Anyway the kombi has insurence against third parties , but damage is by you. We Will let you know How much is it in that moment.
If is Not your fault , you should ask to the other car involved his name and insurence Number and company, telephone Number, address.

(a) A person who has not been identified in writing to the Company or approved by the Company in writing.
(b) A person who is not licensed for that class of vehicle.
(c) A person whose blood alcohol concentration exceeds the lawful percentage whilst driving the Vehicle.
(d) A person who was driving the Vehicle whilst under the influence of a drug.
(e) A person who has given or for whom you have given a false name, age, address or driver’s license details.
(f) A person whose driver’s license has been cancelled, endorsed or suspended within the last three years.
(g) A person who has held a driver’s license for less than two years.
Circumstances in which and/or for which the vehicle must not be used:
(h) Outside the area of use limitations.
(i) On unsealed roads or off road conditions.
(j) To carry persons for hire or to carry any inflammable, explosive or corrosive materials.
(k) To propel or tow any vehicle, trailer, boat or other object unless the company has authorised such use in writing.
(l) To carry any greater load and/or more persons than is lawful or use in a manner for for a purpose other than for which it was designed and constructed.
(m) To carry any animal or pet in the vehicle.
(n) For racing, pace making, reliability trials, speed trials, hill climbing or being tested in preparation for those purposes.
(o) In a dangerous manner.
(p) In contravention of any legislation or regulation controlling vehicular traffic or for any illegal purpose.

Pricing of VW Camper Van Hire Tulum
The online booking system is currently being updated to reflect our availity. It will be able to provide you quotation for the period of hire you want. All you need to do is insert your preferred pick-up date and drop-off date and we will work out a price for you.

Our system will automatically apply a discount on our standard daily rates if you book 7 days or more. If you would like to find out about other special discount codes then please keep in touch with our Facebook page where we will post news stories and special offers.
We also offer wedding packages, self drive or chauffeur driven, so please contact us if you require a quote.
We also have additional items for hire to make your trip more convenient. You can select these at the time of booking or you can also add anything at a later date by contacting us.

From 15 dic to 15 jan 160€
15 jan to 30 ago 130€
1 sep to 30 oct 120€
1 nov to 14 dic 130 €

From 15 dic to 15 jan 150€
15 jan to 30 ago 120 €
1 sep to 30 oct 100€
1 nov to 14 dic 120 €

From 15 dic to 15 jan 150€
15 jan to 30 ago 120€
1 sep to 30 oct 100€
1 nov to 14 dic 120 €

*10% disccount for a week (7 days)